Blog title catch your attention? Interesting, you may say.  Well let me share a quick story with you.

Mark 12:30-31 Love your neighbor as yourself.

Mark 12:30-31 Love your neighbor as yourself.

Thanks to our new Project Manager Emmanuel at Bright Hope Kenya, we have been able to make inroads in loving our neighbors around us. One of those neighbors is the AMREF Child Development Center (you can read more about them here. AMREF helped host a Parenting Seminar for the parents & guardians of our students as well as offered the use of their facility, chairs, tables and other equipment.  Just this past week, our students and faculty were able to share a time of fellowship during our students' Christian Union meeting at the AMREF facility. During this time they were able to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's funny--often times a church will start a school. It's not often that a school acts like a church. 

Bright Hope is first and foremost an Education Centre. More importantly, Bright Hope is able to use the platform of education to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our students will travel back to their friends, extended family and villages with the Hope that only comes through Christ.  We never dreamed that this would be one of the great outcomes of Bright Hope Education Centre.  As one or our supporters with either your time or finances, you should be proud that you are doing your part to make the Gospel known around the world.

Outreach at Amref with Bright Hope students.

Outreach at Amref with Bright Hope students.

So what does this have to do with our upcoming 5K?  Simple. We need a great deal more runners to sign up and run our Fall Classic 5k on October 14 at Harlinsdale Farm.  This is our single largest fundraiser--financially speaking--that helps fund new uniforms for every student, textbooks and other capital purchases at Bright Hope.  

Let's use McDonalds as an example.....They've made over a gajillion (a lot) dollars by asking one simple question..."Do you want fries with that?" We need you to start asking the question.  No, not "Do you want fries with that?" How about, "have you signed up for our race?" So....have YOU??

Why haven't you signed up to run our race........? Excuses, excuses!

"I'm out of town." - Great, we have a Virtual run that allows you to run anywhere.

"It's Fall Break and we need to do something with the kids." Great, our event is family friendly.  How about showing them that 90 minutes out of your day can make a huge difference?

"Can my dog come?" YES its a pet friendly event- our youngest daughter will be participating with her chicken!!(Don't worry, it will be on a leash) So yes, a chicken can run a 5k!

So, I'll ask once more.....Have you signed up to run our race? Do so here.