Today was another incredible day!  We sorted the sanitary pads that were so graciously collected as part of Brentwood Baptist's Snowball girls ministry retreat. We also sorted the 69 pair of sandals donated by Georgia's surfing sponsor Beautiful Feet.  Beautiful Feet also made a monetary donation to Georgia and these funds were used to purchase tennis shoes from a local Kenyan shoe manufacturer.  

We visited Cheryl's Childrens Home and washed their feet and gave them their new shoes.  They were so sweet and excited to be the recipients of such a gift.  The 19 girls in grades 7 and 8 also received a box of sanitary pads.  

Last year as part of our Empower initiative, Every Girl Counts provided a young mother with the gift of a sewing machine so she could earn an income to help support her family.  Last year's recipient was a young woman named Lucy.  Lucy is the mother of three young children ages 6, 5 and 3.  Her husband works as a carpenter.  Lucy has worked hard over the past year to build her tailoring business and payed it forward by apprenticing a young girl named Elizabeth over the last year.  Elizabeth is the 2014 recipient of a sewing machine from Every Girl Counts.  Elizabeth was orphaned from a very early age and moved to Nairobi to live with her aunt.  Her aunt sent her to a sewing class where she first learned to sew.  Elizabeth became pregnant in the 7th grade and is presently 19 years old and the mother of a beautiful baby boy that is 11 months old.  Elizabeth will use the next few months to continue to apprentice under Lucy and eventually hopes to have her own shop.  Lucy had told Elizabeth what the sewing machine had done for her family and Elizabeth began to train with Lucy!  We were thrilled to hear that women were helping women and were empowering each other!